My fantastic teacher

Hello dear friends. Today I create my new fantastic teacher.

I like my, school teacher very much, but I would like to create new teacher. I like name Melissa, because my new teacher name is Melissa. I will take different qualities from my teachers, mix them and get a new teacher.

My teacher in Armenian Language, miss Kristina strict, and I like strict teachers, because my teacher will be strict, but don’t a lot.

My Russian teacher, miss Anna, very kind and friendly, but she is very busy, I like this, because miss Melissa will be, kind, friendly, busy and strict.

My Geometry teacher, miss Angela is very short, but very interesting and friendly, because my new teacher will be kind, friendly ,strict, busy and interesting.

My English teacher, miss Nare, is very kind, smile and beautiful. Because my teacher will be kind, friendly, busy, interesting, smile and beautiful.

My Story teacher, miss Heghine, gives very little homework! Because miss Melissa, will be gives very little homework.

My Math teacher, miss Ani very kind, and smart because miss Melissa, will be smart.