Travel to Kond

Today we went to Kond from school with my teachers, miss Heghine with miss Nare, we took a bus to Kond, the journey was very long, it was almost a trip, we arrived to Kond, we were looking for old buildings from clay, we were waiting to see Kond, but we saw something else, we arrived there and it was amazing. I told about Kond, but my friends did not believe me. Kond is the only old city I answered and I do not know I was shocked by my words that Kond was built under the hill to split the mountains we were looking we saw abandoned buildings full of houses we were amazed continued to travel. When we reached the persian mosque, we saw people living there. There was a small yard. We ate a little. We saw a dog, she was a girl, her name was Eva, we were very happy to play with her We already said we were late for school We went, we got on the bus We went back to school Today we will meet again with a shot.

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