Abovyan street

Оld Abovyan street

In 1855, the Russian viceroy of Caucasus confirmed the planning of Yerevan streets. The average width of the streets was planned to be from 6 to 20 meters. Astafayan Street was planned to be 20 meters wide. Astafyan was the first street in Yerevan that was built according to a certain plan. It was opened in 1863 and was named Astafyan after Mikhail Astafyev, the governor of the Erivan Governorate from 1860 to 1862.

Beginning in the 1920’s, Alexander Tamanian and his colleagues transformed the character of Yerevan from a regional town to a major metropolis, building ever more imposing structures along the way. Following Tamanian’s master plan the street was widened to 16 meters above Tumanian St., and trees were planted along the boulevard. The new buildings were designed to make a careful transition from the old quarter to the new, so that the casual visitor is well inside either part before he realizes there has been a change.

New Abovyan street

Abovyan Street is a street at the central Kentron district of the Armenian capital Yerevan. In 1921, it received the name of the outstanding Armenian writer, enlightener and teacher Khachatur Abovyan. This name the street bears to this day. The street runs from the central Republic Square to the statue of prominent Armenian writer Khachatur Abovian (1809–1848), who the street is named after. Abovyan Street is the first planned street of the Armenian capital.

Located at downtown Yerevan, Abovyan Street is mainly home to cultural and educational institutions, luxurious residential buildings, elite brand shops, commercial offices, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants and night clubs.

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