My house…

Hello! l want to tell about my house.  This is my house.  My house is not very big. He has 3 rooms.

Let’s start with the living room. My living room is large. There is a large sofa,  small coffee table, closet in my living room, where l keep various books and pictures. There are large windows and under it  Aloe Vera. There is a  TV and small cabinets where I keep various discs and DVDs.

This is my kitchen. It is not very big. Here I which my mom cook delicious meals. There is a sink and a washing machine in my kitchen.

This is my parents room. My parent’s room is bigger than mine. There is a big bed, small cupboards on either side of the bed where my parents keep a variety of things. There is a large mirror.

This is my little and colorful room. There is a picture on the wall of my bed. There is a closet next to my bed where I keep my clothes. My bookcase is right next to the closet. Inside the bookcase there is a small free space where I keep my notebooks, pencils and pens.

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